Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

It is my pleasure to recommend Andrew George for admission to your undergraduate program.

I have known Andrew since he was born. His parents have been close friends of our family for over 25 years and we continue to maintain a very close relationship. I have seen Andrew grow up and become the fine young man he is today.

As shown by his transcripts, Andrew has always taken school very seriously. He is definitely the type of student you want in your program and I am certain he would bring so much to your school.

Andrew has strong values; I know him to be polite, intelligent, dedicated and one who never hesitates to help others. He is also is very active with Hebron High School band as one of the top saxophone players.

I am confident Andrew will continue to excel in whatever path he chooses, and I am excited about the prospect of him continuing his education with a degree from your school. I highly recommend him to your undergraduate program.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.
Advanced Pilot Qualification Program Manager
Federal Aviation Administration
To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this letter of recommendation in support of Andrew George. Mr. George has been an extremely proactive student of mine for the past six years in private lessons, and saxophone quartet.

As a member of the Hebron Band, Mr. George has served in the marching band, which medaled in Texas State Marching Contests, and Bands of America Regional, and Super Regional Marching Contests. His involvement in band has allowed him to prove his leadership abilities as he has served in various leadership positions over the past few years. As I work with all the saxophones within his band program I consistently see Mr. George helping others and putting in enormous effort to help build this band community.

For the past six years, Mr. George has participated in my intense chamber music program and has excelled far beyond expectations. Since beginning high school Mr. George has served as a tenor saxophonist in quartet and has memorized and performed many difficult works. While a member of Arulian Quartet he was awarded Gold Medal in the 48th Annual Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition. Mr. George has demonstrated deep commitment and determination as this success is one of the most difficult to obtain for chamber musicians. It demonstrates his ability to work with others toward a common goal as well as his determination to push through large scale projects.

Outside of chamber music, Mr. George has excelled as a soloist on tenor saxophone. The past few years he has participated, and excelled, in the Texas Music Educators Association’s All-Region process by successfully auditioning into a region band every year. He continually surprises me with how hard he works and how quickly he is progressing. Mr. George has also taken on difficult solo repertoire for various solo competitions in which he has received Superior ratings. He is really shaping up to be an incredible saxophone player and values the time and dedication it takes to work up this difficult solo repertoire to a high level.

Another aspect that I respect about Mr. George is his willingness to work. He has held a job at various local businesses the past few years. Not many students maintain jobs while in high school, especially when it is easy to be “too busy to work.” It is here that Mr. George demonstrates his desire to further his future and develop a strong work ethic.

Mr. George has been extremely active in the community the past few years serving over 200 hours in community services. His efforts have ranged from serving local churches and schools
to manufacturing mask Ear Savers using his 3D printer for staff and patients at the local Children’s Medical Center. Many of my students have completed community service, but not at
this level. As his teacher, it’s fun to see his devotion to the community through his sincere service.

Based on my observations of Andrew George the past few years I would highly recommend him for acceptance into your program. If you have any further questions regarding Mr. George, please do not hesitate to contact me using the information below.
M. Smith
Saxophone Private Lesson Instructor